After the Fall

Jean and Feminino at Emerge Gallery

COVID ruined everything, especially my class who became friends, at the Art Students League. I’m happy to say we keep in touch online and occasionally in person but it’s not the same.
I was unable to make any art during the pandemic. I see that for me my artistic expression has to come from a good place, best when it blooms out of love and happiness. I long ago learned not to bother dragging myself to a class if I’m not feeling well, because I never do anything good that day. During COVID I expressed my creativity through cooking, which I had hardly done in 30 years of working! I really hit my stride with a range of ethnic foods and 2 types of clay pot cookery, glazed tagines and unglazed romertopfs. So I guess I was still drawn to clay!

Jean and Slumber at the the Newberry Building

I have shifted my life and my art to the Hudson Valley and the Woodstock School of Art, located practically around my corner. The sculpture medium is water based clay that is fired in a kiln low & slow to avoid explosions from air bubbles. Tricia Cline is a wonderful teacher who works in porcelain and creates works of multiple fantastical mythic figures, and helps her students express their own voice.

All the other sculptors work in white clay, which has elegance and purity. I have lately been using terracotta which fires a to a peachy tone I love. The model takes one pose for 8 weeks and has inspired some sculptures from my personal pantheon of myths or literature or desires. These have included the Queen of Cups and The High Priestess from the Tarot; myths of Cupid & Psyche and Eve; characters from Virgil & George Bernard Shaw & Shakespeare; portals to the other world; and other things I love like my dog Lady. Always delighting in the human form and my aliveness by inhabiting one for now.